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Ramblings of a Kiwi

...they'll go on for aaaages...

little kiwi
To put things simply, I am Kiwi. I'm a 24 year old multitasker living in the UK, and enjoy a whole variety of things... knitting, spinning, drawing, roleplaying and writing are my main hobbies.
is a fangirl
For a long time, I've been a big fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. More specifically, the British comic known as Fleetway to most of the Sonic fandom, but STC to those who are familiar. I'm a particularly big fan of Chaotix, especially Espio the Chameleon.
I don't watch a whole lot of anime anymore, but that's not to say I don't enjoy a good series... or have some guilty pleasures that even I don't know why I like. Anime I've enjoyed recently would include... the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Princess Tutu, K-ON!, Soul Eater, and Kyou Kara Maou.
I wouldn't exactly call myself a massive yaoi fangirl, but I do like to slash characters from time to time! I don't enjoy sexually explicit works at all, really, and tend to avoid that side of fandom... however, I am also incredibly difficult to disturb when it comes to fanworks content; I can take almost any kind of squick.

and a roleplayer
I currently roleplay a fair few characters...
needs_weird | Haruhi Suzumiya | The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya | bubblevoid
turnip_rage | Espio the Chameleon | Sonic the Comic | witchesreign
runaway_chosen | Colette Brunel | Tales of Symphonia | witchesreign
timehops | Grovyle | Pokémon Mystery Dungeon | witchesreign
blastiaphilia | Rita Mordio | Tales of Vesperia | witchesreign
scream_resonate | Crona and Ragnarok | Soul Eater | Homeless
electrifly | Firefly | My Little Pony | Homeless
past_chosen | Zelos Wilder | Tales of Symphonia (AU) | Homeless
calm_cold_fire | Blaze the Cat | Sonic the Hedgehog (AU) | Homeless
savethedragons | Lenna Tycoon | Final Fantasy V | Homeless
runeseek | Babus Swain | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance | Homeless
windup_tease | Noa | Sky Doll | Homeless
zombie_no_more | Frimelda Lotice | Final Fantasy Tactics A2 | Homeless

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