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Apr. 11th, 2011


It's an Ashford Traveller, so it shouldn't be too hard to sell. Ashford wheels tend to do quite well on a second-hand market.

Kinda tried some more wheels at Wonderwool - Majacraft, Louet, Timbertops, other Ashfords, Schacht, and someone's own Kromski (not for sale, she was just nice enough to offer me a go). Ashford, Louet and Majacraft, I didn't really get on with (especially Majacraft). Timbertops fell somewhere in the middle. The Kromski and Schacht wheels, however, I fell in love with. After some fussing about, deciding whether to get the Sonata or Ladybug, I've decided that I need a Ladybug.

(I'd get the Matchless, but £700 is a little too much).

I need to sell the Traveller to justify it, though. And get a good chunk of the money towards it.



...I just caught another random-encounter shiny! I am in SHOCK! I wasn't even looking at the screen - I'm working on my Kanto Pokédex, so I was level grinding. I just heard *sparkle effects* because I was using a shiny Pokémon. And then there was another *sparkle effects* and I went wat.

Shiny Pawniard, yo! I just Duskballed it.

Mar. 16th, 2011

This is what happened while waiting for the bus.

Kiwi: *level grinds on Audinos*
Audino: *is purple*
Kiwi: !!!!
Audino: *SPARKLE*

My first random encounter shiny! I've had chained Spoink shinies on Diamond before, but not a random encounter one!

Also, I love the music in B/W. Route 10, the Ending Theme and the Legendary Battle theme are my favourites. I like Driftveil City's theme too.



For whatever reason, I can't stop listening to this song. My Little Pony or not, it's basically an "ART CLIENTS SUCK" song!

Jan. 6th, 2011


Jesus, what is wrong with me?! That's the third time in a month! And this time, I'll need to see the doctor because I'm pretty sure I need some antibiotics for it, but getting an appointment is a nightmare right now! DAMN DAMN DAMN.



So, you know I was sick... not last week, the week before? Well, I got over it. And now I've been hit by another bug. One that's even worse.

Fever, chills, I couldn't sit down at the table for Christmas dinner because my eyes just watered and watered because behind them was burning, I barely ate more than a bit of anything and completely missed out on pudding. Even now I'm lying down, because sitting properly makes me feel bad... but at the same time, if I lay my head down completely, I feel like shit, I need to keep it propped up.

To make matters worse, I have to go into work tomorrow. I can't let them down on boxing day. Fingers crossed, I get sent home... but I don't think the other staff thought it was much more than a cold on Friday. Of course, at that point I just thought it was a post-infectious cough.

I had a nice surprise though - a payment from the Job Centre, which was due... at the start of November. About £85 left over JSA, and £100 tax-free grant for starting full-time work. I wasn't expecting it (had given up on seeing it, and honestly figured I didn't need it), so it was quite nice.


Dec. 14th, 2010

I am sick of being sick. I'm missing work (and I'm still in "this is my job, yaaaay mode") and I can't do a single damn thing without feeling dizzy.

Spinning? Dizzy.

Drawing? Dizzy.

Knitting? Dizzy.

Playing my new DS game? Dizzy.

WTF these aren't even strenuous activities! These are fun things I do when sitting down. As you can imagine, I'm not only sick, but also very very bored.

ICONS: My Little Pony

My Little Pony icons
19 Twilight Sparkle
8 Applejack
11 Pinkie Pie
11 Fluttershy
11 Rarity
10 Rainbow Dash

Credit is nice, but not necessary. Icons can be used as bases, if you really want to.

pony iconsCollapse )

which Sim??

Okay, so gonna start a Sims 3 Legacy. I've made sims loosely based on Espio, Mighty, and... Marine, because - naturally - Sonic geek. Which do you think I should go for? =D

Screenshots and traits are under the cut ^O^

clicky!Collapse )

So, which looks like the best one to start a ten generation family with...?



My spindle came today! OMG, it's smaller than I thought. My hand is bigger than it, and I have small hands. Cute, however, it definitely is, and I'm so glad I chose the redheart over the pink ivory!

Shame I don't have time to play with it, though. I have a mock interview to attend, when I find my tights.