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chameleon 1.1

Okay, so it's Legacy time. Again. And because I'm a little tired of seeing Mighty-Sim's face, this is Espio Chameleon. Yes, named after the Sonic character, and yes, personality modelled after the UK comic variation of the character. Thus the angry face.

But don't let that furious scowl fool you into thinking he's going to be an interesting one. Oh, no. This Espio is actually kind of boring, and spends the vast majority of his time either a) being cute or b) building sandcastles. Yes.

So anyway, Espio here is a Popularity/Knowledge Sim, with the lifetime goal of being a celebrity chef.

...good luck, Espio.

This is his little grey house. And his cat. The cat's name is Mimi, and she is a Scottish Fold. Anyone who works out why I called her Mimi only gets a handful of points, I'm afraid.

And a top down view! I cheated a little and used some cheap-ass stuff to reduce the furnishing cost, but he still can't afford a shower or a bookcase. This is approximately normal for a Legacy Sim.

Naturally, Espio got a job asap. Not in the culinary career, alas, but in the music industry instead. I didn't get the obligatory Sim-With-Newspaper shot, though, so here's a picture of Mimi while Espio uses the bathroom in the background.

Well, we know he doesn't hate the cat.

After taking a few seconds to meet the Garden thingy person...

I send Espio off to the nearest community lot to go scrape together enough money for a shower. As you can see, he's doing a magnificent job. Stupid Sims and their obsession with swings...

And now he's checking her out. By staring in the other direction, and risking getting hit in the head by a woman-on-a-swing.

He likes her, even though she's childish enough to take over the swingset. And I guess she's kind of pretty. Possible spouse material.

He also likes this girl, with the dark skin and the ginger Leia buns. So he chatted to her for a bit, and then...



Well, that was productive.

... ... ... hi.

This was all that happened on the date though. They met, and then she was all "THAT WAS GREAT I HAVE TO GO." 'kay.

Espio also likes this girl. There's actually a fair number of girls he has two bolts with - makes an improvement on the last time I played this guy, where he was attracted to absolutely nobody but his best friend's wife, I guess.

Oh, hey! Thanks, Noelle!

A small step towards a shower...

Anyway... ...oh. 'kay.


Except by this point, Espio is in charge of the bar. Because this is a great idea: putting customers in charge of the bar. (Look, he really needs a shower, okay? I do not want my Sim raging and flailing because he smells, because he is a Sim and therefore will never stop).

So instead, he goes to play cards with Leia Buns. Dunno about you, but I'd be really suspicious about letting this guy be the dealer.

(Just in case you were wondering, and I'm sure you weren't, this is the barmaid Espio replaced. Goddamned swings...)

After so long of earning nowhere near enough for a shower, Espio pinched someone else's meal...

Checked out the waitresses, of which there are far too many...

And went home. To build sandcastles. He kind of does this a lot.

Usually to immediately destroy them, as seen by the destroyed sandcastle in the background here, because this is productive. Now he's digging.


Oh well.

Oh great, he's started being smelly...

Oh hey, garden person. I see it's you again.

Garden Dude: HUGS!!
Espio: ...NO!! D:

Garden Dude: D:!!

Honestly, that's creepy.

See, Espio thinks so too! And now the guy is clearly in some sort of zombie trance because Espio's refusal of hugs has ruined his world view forever, or something.

He's practically begging for the garden-dude's removal with that face.

In an attempt to get him to leave of his own accord, Espio decides to rage about whatever comes to mind, hoping that the argument will get him to go away. Not much luck there - he's in complete agreement. Snow sucks.

Espio: Please. Just go.

Before long, Noelle decides hey, let's invite that guy I made out with out on an outing! Espio got to choose the location, so it's off to Maple Springs! Because it's a great place, and has a shower.

They naturally end up in the hot tub. You get two guesses as to where this is going. *cough* yes, I have ACR.

Is it just me, or is Espio trying to look endearing?

In any case, there's not much of a rush going on.

...yes. Hello.

Oh, fun, another creepy person staring at Espio.

I suppose he could just be concerned that Espio is in a hot tub in the middle of a thunderstorm, which you can only just about tell in my screenshots...

But honestly, I think he's... absolutely clueless. He's like, "wtf are you doing???"

SO TO SUM UP: Espio made a bunch of cute faces, and then got some Woo-Hoo in. Woo!

And then went to get coffee. On his own. I think conversation is now dead.



Oh come on, Espio. It's just the flu, you don't need to flipping cry over it! Look, even Mimi thinks it's stupid! Or she might want you to feed her, I don't know.

Yes, yes, I feel your pain. Stop being a wuss.

Going to go pay attention to Mimi for a moment, I'll be back when you stop being ill.

Oh yes, you will be a fine addition to the culinary career. Your ability to burn a ready meal and your poor hygiene make a winning combination.

Ah? Post that's not a bill?

LOVE LETTER! Smile smile smile~...

...and rage. Huh. Moodswing, much?

Random Mimi shot, because.

Noelle showed up. Hello, Noelle, I'm afraid Espio is building sandcastles again, but sure - I'll shove him towards you for a bit, since he still hasn't been to work even once and thus is still broke!

Even if you can't contribute much, something's better than nothing, right?

So Espio and Noelle go off on a date. I haven't got the slightest clue how or why Noelle is suddenly in a bikini.

But she doesn't seem to care.

And hey, it might have helped them fall in love! Or something!

Oh man. I'm so sorry that Espio is telling you about OMG, CRIME, woman who clearly would rather pretend it doesn't exist! I know, I know, he's breaking your illusion of a perfect world, but geez.

They got some photos to remember this date by, because they desperately wanted them...

And home they go! Where Espio promptly asks Noelle to move in, because he needs the money.

...oh. Thanks, Noelle. That's very helpful.


SO ANYWAY this legacy is off to a sloooooow start, and it wasn't the most interesting to write... so I don't even know what it must have been like to read! If you slogged through that, my commiserations. I am pleased to report that it gets a bit better, if only because a certain Sim quickly starts to annoy the hell out of me.

See you next time, maybe.
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