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MOSTLY Friends Only!

Hello, and welcome to Kiwi's LJ!

As a general rule, while I will use public posts to "show off" such things as knitting projects, drawings, and Sims 2 stuff (in other words, things with pictures in them), a lot of the more significant entries will be friends locked.

So, if you're interested in my ramblings about fandom, my projects, or little snippets of life related things, please leave a note to say so!

I'm Alive

I'm alive, I don't like what LJ's done to all of the things, and now I have a Tumblr.

See? A Tumblr.

Actually I have more than one tumblr, but that's the one I'm using for actual stuff, so... there you go. Yup.

Sim Download

Here's another Sim for you to download. It's basically this old Sim completely redone, and with a new name for my BACC. Emilio Castell.

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'sup guys. *hasn't posted on LJ in forever...*

Just popping in to post SIMS. ...I mean actual Sims. As in the ones you download, install, and add to your own games. They are loosely based on the "Sonic the Comic" versions of Espio the Chameleon and Vector the Crocodile, and are named accordingly.


Both Sims come with all their facey-things, hair and skintones. Clothes aren't included.

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Now there's a girl I haven't drawn in a long long time...


This is the actual size I doodled it at. I was trying to draw a fifth icon for my Tobias icon set, but ended up with this instead. It's Espio and Tobias (the AU Red mentioned in my last post). It's fluffy shippy hugs.

...yes, shippy. They recently got together. Which was totally unplanned for. Even more unplanned is the fact it seems to be working, though it's so fluffy it's borderline ridiculous.

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So. For some reason, I've spent the last week drawing a lot more than I have been for the last two years. Nothing big, just 100x100 icons for someone in witchesreign. The character is her AU Red from Pokémon, Tobias. He's my Espio's closest friend and roommate.